Field of Study: How to Choose the Right Major for You

Field of Study: How to Choose the Right Major for You

Field of Study: How to Choose the Right Major for You 

With so many majors to choose from, making a final selection can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you choose the major that is best for you, so you can’t help but feel some pressure. Alleviate the stress by following some tips for choosing the right major. These tips will put you on the right path and help you select an ideal major. 

Research a Major Freshman Year

You don’t have to declare a major right away. Instead, take different types of classes in your freshman year. Try classes in areas of study that interest you to see which subject is the best fit. You might find that you don’t like some potential majors nearly as much as you expected, while others seem like a much better fit.

Get Help From Your Academic Adviser

While the university’s website provides some information about majors, you can learn so much more by speaking to your academic adviser. Your advisor will explain the major’s requirements so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. Then you can use that information to make an informed decision. 

Participate in Social Activities

You can learn more about your interests by engaging in social activities on campus. These activities can unlock your talents and help you identify your likes and dislikes. You can also talk to other participants about their majors. This will give you an insight into different opportunities and help you make a decision. 

Consider the Earning Potential

You should also consider the earning potential when looking at possible majors. While you don’t have to choose a major that will bring in six or seven figures a year, you do want to embark on a career path that will let you live a comfortable life. Think about how much you’ll make before deciding on a major, so you won’t have trouble providing for yourself. 

Investigate the Career Outlook

The career outlook is also essential when you choose a major. You are likely going to move back to your home country after completing college. Can you find work in your home country with the major you’ve selected? If your career prospects look grim, you should consider another major. 

Think About What Happens After You Graduate

Some majors allow you to get right to work after you earn a bachelor’s degree. Other majors require graduate school before you can embark on a meaningful career. Think about the commitment you’ll have to make with the major. Do you want something that will allow you to jump into the career force after earning a four-year degree, or are you willing to go to graduate school? The answer to that question will impact your decision. 

Which Major Is Right for You?

These tips will help you select a major that you’re sure to love. Once you choose your major, you can begin taking the necessary classes and work toward your degree. Then you’ll be ready to start your career when you earn your degree. 





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