Why Should I Study English in the US Vs. My Own Country? 

Why Should I Study English in the US Vs. My Own Country?

Why Should I Study English in the US Vs. My Own Country? 

Do you want to learn English but aren’t sure if you should study at home or abroad? Studying English in the United States is the best way to learn the language. Let’s go over some of the most significant benefits of studying English in the United States.

You’ll Be Immersed in English in the United States

If you study English in your home country, you can choose when and where to work on the new skill. However, if you study in America, you’ll be immersed in the language. Instead of choosing study times, you’ll listen and speak the language every moment of the day. You’ll hear English when you watch television and read it when you pick up a newspaper or magazine. You’ll also need to speak it when you order food or go to the store. This type of immersion is helpful when learning a new language.  

You’ll Get Better at Understanding English

When you study English at home, your study partner or teacher will likely have the same accent you have. Americans have a much different accent, and you could have trouble understanding them at first. That means you could learn English and move to the United States, only to realize that you can’t understand what people are saying.,

Learning English in America will allow you to get familiar with the new language and the accents. That way, you will only have to learn the language once instead of twice. 

You’ll Learn to Speak Like Americans Speak

Studying English in your home country has its limits. Even if you learn the language, you likely won’t master local slang and colloquialisms. Instead, you’ll learn the formal way of saying everything, which will make your conversation sound stiff. You might even learn an outdated way of communicating, which will make it hard for you to converse with Americans. 

On the other hand, when you learn English in the United States, you’ll learn how to talk like a local.  This will help you have conversations that flow naturally. 

Make Friends and Professional Contacts

Do you intend to move to the United States for work or school? Learning English in the country is a fantastic way to make connections. You will make friends and can even make professional contacts while you’re learning English. Then you can rely on those friends and contacts to help you when you start school or your new job. You’ll discover that having a list of contacts will make everything more manageable when you’re working or studying in the United States.

Find Out If the Country Is a Good Fit

Studying in America will also help you determine if the country is a good fit for you. This is very important if you intend to go to school or work here. Think of this as a test run. You can try it out, and if it’s a good fit, you can take the next step.

Make Plans to Study Abroad

These are just some reasons that people choose to study English in America. You’ll also get to immerse yourself in the country’s culture, enjoy the food, explore the cities, and more. Start making plans so you can enjoy these benefits and more.






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