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WARNING: succession is not a piece of cake!

Before you begin to walk on your PATH, you better know that the PATH is filled with obstacles. Darren Hardy in his book, called “The compound effect”, pictures success as a hard and even a boring process. He believes that success doesn’t have a magical potion.

He says that you will be successful only if you try, you struggle, you fight and you never give up. Therefore, if you don’t think that  you can fight, or you fear failure then you should never even mention success. So you better put aside all the to-lose-weight magical potions and close all the becoming-rich-in-40-days advertisement pages; instead, get up, understand what Failure means but do not accept it as the last result.

I have to tell you that succession is not a piece of cake!

No, it’s not easy, you might fight and fight but in the end,

you might fall.

Sometimes everything might get so hard that all you can think of is to abandon all your dreams, your goals, and your aims. You might get scared, you might doubt your goals,

You might doubt your skills,

Or even doubt your true self.

At this point, right here, is what separates successful people from everyone else.

You know Steve Jobs, right? Was he successful?

If he was not, then who is? Right?

But did you know that he was once fired from his own company, Apple?

What did he do next? Did he get depressed?  Did he doubt his dreams? Did he abandon everything?

No. Of course, this failure was hard for him, but he didn’t accept it; so he stood up, raised from the ashes. Yes, getting back to Apple took him 12 years, but he succeeded in the end and became the STEVE JOBS we now know.

He, himself, once said:

“Getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

All I wanted to tell you was that if you see Failure as one of the ingredients of the Success’ potion, then you will stand up whenever you fall,

you will carry on, no matter what,

nothing will ever stop you, and then you will, finally, reach the mountain’s peak, where you can shout:


We all know we can do it,

Because we all want to do it so bad




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