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Once and for all, why the USA?


Are you still not sure? Why would you choose USA as your destination? There are other countries and other universities so why should you choose America? Is it the exact place you’ve been looking for to pursue your education?

Let’s discuss this subject once and for all,

Why should you choose USA?

  1. The country has more than 5000 academic institutions and universities.
  2. You have the right to experience the major before choosing your future path.
  3. There are different kinds of majors that you can choose from.
  4. You’re going to have a chance to meet the best employers and you’ll have the opportunity to work for them as an intern or…
  5. You’ll have the chance of making a good resume.
  6. The universities have the greatest equipment for researchers.
  7. You’re going to meet new people and get to know new cultures.
  8. America supports innovators.
  9. The country supports international students.
  10. You can find a great scholarship.
  11. You’re going to have access to the greatest welfare facilities.
  12. What’s the 12th reason? You can tell this one.




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