Dos and Don’ts after a job interview

Dos and Don’ts after a job interview:


So far, we’ve learned about many things related to a job interview; such as how to write a CV, what not to put in our resume, job interview questions and …; and today we’re going to learn about another important part of “finding a job”:

What are we supposed to Do after a job interview?

Most of us do not care much about this part, and as soon as we are done with the interview we think that now all we can do is just sitting and waiting; but is that it? Are there any other things we can do to increase our chances? Let’s find out:


  1. Follow up:
  • At the end of the job interview you should find out how you can contact them, how much it takes till they can decide, and…; ask these things, it will reduce your stress.
  • Contact them some days after the interview and ask them whether they need any other information, whether they have other questions for you, or if there are any updates.
  • Do not call them many times.
  • Do not call right away.


  1. Send a thank-you note:
  • Thank them for giving you the opportunity.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • Do not make the note too long.
  • Ask your questions.
  • Let them know you are willing to answer any further questions



  1. Let your references know:
  • Let your references know that you’ve put their names on your resume and tell them that the new company might call them.
  • Tell them what the position is so that they can answer your new employer better.


  1. Change your voice-mail:
  • Change it to a more professional one.
  • Try to sound as confident as you can so that it has a positive impact on the employer.


  1. Try to find other jobs as well:
  • Stopping right now? No!
  • Even if you think the interview went great, you should still keep looking for some other positions, there’s no guarantee you would get this job.
  • Look for other jobs, until you actually get one.


Stay with us if you want to know what we should not do after the job interview.




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