Dos and Don’ts after a job interview

Dos and Don’ts after a job interview

Dos and Don’ts after a job interview:



So far, we’ve learned about many things related to a job interview; such as how to write a CV, what not to put in our resume, job interview questions and …; and today we’re going to learn about another important part of “finding a job”:

What are we supposed to Do/ Don’t do after a job interview?

Most of us do not care much about this part, and as soon as we are done with the interview we think that now all we can do is just sitting and waiting; but is that it? Are there any other things we can do/ or should not do to increase our chances? Let’s find out:




We’ve previously talked about this part, let’s review what we’ve said, once again:

  1. Follow up:

Ask them how much time the process takes and how you can contact them, call them in a few days and ask if there is an update.


  1. Send a thank-you note:

Thank them for the opportunity, and let them know you are willing to answer any further questions.


  1. Let the reference know:

Let your reference know that you have put their names on the form.


  1. Change the voicemail:

Change it to a more professional one.


  1. Try to find other jobs as well:

Do not stop! Try to find other opportunities in case this one hasn’t worked out.


Now let’s get to the don’ts, shall we?


  • Do not bother them:

Do not put pressure on them, the process normally takes 2 weeks and sometimes even more, try to relax. Following up is a good thing but be careful, how many times you call! Contact them one week afterward and ask if there was an update.


  • Do not quit your current job yet:

It’s not the time yet, do not tell your employer you want to leave the job for another opportunity. You must be super careful cause there might be a chance that you would end up with no jobs at all.


  • Do not lie:

Don’t call them to lie that you have other opportunities as well; the employer might find out and it is ….

Well, you know what it is.


  • Do not lose connection:

If you’ve found another job, while waiting for this one; we suggest not losing connection with the hiring manager. Because if this one accepts you as well, now you can negotiate and choose the better one.


  • Do not publish anything about your interview:

You are not aware of the company’s policy toward social media, therefore, do not send posts about the interview on social media;

even if it is a compliment.

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