MBA for international students to get a USA f-1 student visa

5 Reasons to Get Your MBA

5 Reasons to Get an MBA Don't you believe in the future? The best way to predict the future is to create it and you can do it by choosing the best degree program for yourself. Master of Business administration isn’t an easy program to be enrolled in. A lot of tough requirements have to meet, communication skills and above…

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Conditional Admission I-20 for International Students with USA Student Visa

Conditional Admission and I-20 for International Students

What is a conditional Admission for an International student who wants to study in the United States? You can never understand all the languages sitting inside your classroom surrounding you with four walls. Sometimes you need to travel to explore the world, to go beyond the depths of knowledge, to unhide the secrecy of literature and many more. People come…

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F-1 Visa and J-1 Visa Internastional Students and Student Visas

F-1 Visa vs J-1 Visa

Anyone who wants to study in the United States has to gain and maintain a student visa status first. There are three types of student visas for a foreign resident: The F-1 student visa and the J-1 student visa and the M-1 student visa. However, deciding between F-1 and J-1 visas can be difficult, and sometimes it takes an expert…

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SEVIS FEE F-1 Visa International Students

What is SEVIS and what is the Fee?

SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a nationwide, Internet-based system that the U.S. government uses to maintain accurate and current information on non-immigrant students (F and M visa), exchange visitors (J visa), and their dependents (F-2, M-2, and J-2). It also requires schools, universities and exchange programs to verify the enrollment status of all new…

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